18th SDG – Why a sticker on my book?

Why is there a sticker on my book?

The 17 global sustainable development goals (SDGs) are goals that belongs to each one and all of us to be reached by 2030 – and some of them are critical. We are four years into the implementation and the annual Sustainable Development Goals Report from august 2019 gives a clear call for action:

“It is abundantly clear that a much deeper, faster and more ambitious response is needed to unleash the social and economic transformation needed to achieve our 2030 goals.” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.

While there is increasing attention on the SDGs from both businesses, public organizations and organizations in general it is increasingly evident that many are hesitant as to how to address these and how to use them as a core in their strategic direction going forward. There is a lack of clarity, a lack of leadership and a lack of courage.

With my book “Leadership of the Future – How to lead in a future that looks nothing like the past” I give a coherent perspective on how to shift perspective on leadership so that we can solve the current challenges of technologically exponential development, sustainable development, solving the 17 SDGs including gender balance in leadership and solving the problem of increasing stress in the workplace and decreasing engagement that is seen globally.

When Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”, he probably was not thinking of business leadership. But his words hold true in business as well. When seeking to solve a complex situation, it is necessary to look for a new perspective where everything can fall into place in a new way and the full picture becomes clearer as do your priorities.

The book provide such new perspective of successful leadership of the future, which

  • Sets the sustainable development at the center of leading the organization
  • Places human centric leadership as the way forward to build the capacity to
  • be successful in a technologically exponential and in many dimensions fast changing world

We need to be consciously aware of what it takes to lead in the future, we need to change the norms for good leadership, and we need to start working on finding ways for leaders to transition into the new way of leading. I have given one coherent suggestion in my book – and there will be many others, but the goal is the same:

We need to develop more courageous and human leaders

We need to address this as if it were the 18th sustainable development goal

– only by that can we give it the attention it needs to succeed and it will have impact on the speed of resolving the 17 SDGs as well as on handling the technological revolution to the benefit of humans.

This is why there is now a sticker on my book – The book about the 18th sustainable development goal.